MyEcoBrush – eco-friendly bamboo brushes

MyEcoBrush – eco-friendly bamboo brushes


With concerns about the environment on the rise, we started selling fully biodegradable bamboo brushes – MyEcoBrush. Thanks to their ergonomic handle and soft bristle, your daily oral hygiene will be a lot easier. Toothbrushes are available in two sizes, for adults and children. Rainbow bristles are a great way to motivate kids to brush their teeth.

Every year, more than 12 million tons of plastic waste leaks into our seas and oceans and if we do not do anything about it, by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the world’s seas and oceans!

Let’s do something together for the environment, because plastic is dangerous for animals and people. Every day, plastic waste blocks digestive tracts of animals leading to death of thousands of marine and terrestrial life, including birds and mammals.

We believe that by starting and ending the day with MyEcoBrush we can do something good for ourselves and for the environment. If millions of people do the same small thing, we can make a real difference and change the world!

Bamboo brushes are made of natural 100% biodegradable MOSO bamboo which is grown on special, sustainable plantations. The brush bristles are made of biodegradable BPA-free nylon (Nylon-6) showing no negative impact on human health. The arrangement, quality and quantity of MyEcoBrush bristles facilitate proper and thorough teeth cleaning. The combination of these ecological aspects with the most important properties of a traditional toothbrush make MyEcoBrush an extremely unique product on the dental market.